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We recognized early on that the supply chain was going to be a problem for medical marijuana growers, processors, and dispensaries in Oklahoma. In an industry where everyone is co-dependent, we built The Supply to allow everyone in Oklahoma to purchase and sell high-quality medical marijuana products without the supply chain and delivery hassle. For producers, it’s as easy as dropping off one bulk order and seeing it in dispensaries across Oklahoma. For dispensaries, it’s as easy as ordering all of the products you need and having them delivered right to your dispensary with timelines, proper invoicing, and guaranteed quality.

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For Growers & Processors

We know how hard it can be to manage and schedule deliveries to dispensaries across Oklahoma. Stay focused on crafting the quality medical marijuana products your brand is known for by allowing The Supply to distribute and deliver to your clients and gain exposure to new retail outlets all across the state.

Oklahoma's Largest Cannabis Distributor

For Dispensaries

We make it easy for Oklahoma dispensaries to order medical marijuana products. We work with many incredible growers and processors to provide a large variety of flower, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and more. Our free delivery service and accurate timelines help you manage inventory and better plan your orders.

How It Works

Fresh From the Farm

Our grow and processing partners deliver quality medical marijuana to our facility for inspection.


We take an inventory of everything delivered and sort product batches by strain-specifics, including edibles and cartridges.

Online Order Forms Updated

We update our online order forms to accurately match all products available and keep a steady supply of new products available daily.

Dispensary Orders

Dispensaries place an order and receive confirmation of the day and time it will be delivered.


Our delivery experts send you a notification that they’re inbound and arrive at your dispensary with the exact products requested.

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