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Your Medical Marijuana Outlet

We Buy High-Quality Medical Marijuana Flower and Processed Goods in Bulk

Looking for a better delivery system? Look no further! We work with a majority of dispensaries here in Oklahoma. You can forget the stress of deliveries when you work with us. One drop-off spot, a single transaction, and that’s it. We handle all the rest. You can focus on the work that matters - crafting high-quality medicine. Best of all, new stores and new patients will discover your products!

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How It Works

Initial Supplier Form

Once you’ve completed our supplier partner form, we’ll get in touch to get the ball rolling.

Product Samples

We’ll get together and check out a few product samples. Any lab test results should be sent over.

Purchase Order

We work with you to establish a fair bulk order price that works for both of us.


You’ll deliver the order to our warehouse and we’ll begin talking about the next order terms and timetable.

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Flower & Trim

Sell Your Medical Marijuana Flower & Trim

Your flower and trim shouldn’t have to wait - it should be delivered as fresh as possible. We know that as a grower, that means lots of small-batch deliveries, which are time-consuming. Let us handle that part, so you can grow. We buy in bulk and deliver quickly.

Grower Partnership Form
Processed Goods

Sell Your Processed Medical Marijuana Products

We buy edibles, concentrates, cartridges, tinctures, capsules, topicals, beverages, and more in bulk. Save time, save money, and energy when you partner with us. We’ll make sure your products are kept fresh! We even keep track of patient and dispensary feedback and share it with you. Stay on top of trends, boost your sales and free up more time.

Processor Partnership Form