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We Simplify the Dispensary Ordering Process

Oklahoma has so many amazing medical marijuana processors and growers producing the quality medicine that you deserve. Looking for the most popular brands in the industry? Look no further! We work with many processors and growers across the state. You might even find brands you’ve never heard of before! Get the variety your customers crave, in a single order. Keeping your store stocked doesn’t get any easier than our online shop. Plus, we deliver anywhere in the state!

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How It Works

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Fill out the Dispensary Partner Form today to become a partner with The Supply.

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We’ll work with you to help you supply your store with the best medical marijuana products in the state.

Delivery Timelines

We’ll give you a time estimate of when your order will be delivered to your dispensary, usually 1-3 days after placing your order.

Rinse, Repeat

Now comes the easy part! Simply place orders as you need them for your medical dispensary and we’ll take care of the rest. 

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Buy Medical Marijuana Flower

From mid-tier to top-shelf, we carry flower for every patient need. You can shop for Indica, Sativa, Hybrid with a quick filtered search. You can even shop for a specific grow and stay up-to-date with the latest buds for your connoisseurs.


Buy Medical Marijuana Concentrates

Looking for concentrates? We’ve got those too. We carry cartridges, live rosin, sugar wax, wax, budder, shatter, diamonds, and more! Find the newest high-quality, lab-tested products available on the market here in our shop.


Buy Medical Marijuana Edibles

Brownies, cookies, and gummies are best when they’re fresh. Working with us means you can purchase exactly what you need when you need it. Variety is the key to selling edible goods, so keep your stock rotating. Over-ordering isn’t a problem with The Supply because we don’t have minimum orders!

Other Processed Goods

Buy Medical Marijuana Tinctures, Topicals, Capsules, & More

Do you want to offer your patients something new? We’ve got tinctures, topicals, capsules, suppositories, ice cream, beverages, and more hard-to-find medicinal goods. If you’re not sure what to buy, just ask! We can help you find the medical products best suited to treat all kinds of ailments and illnesses.